Climate neutral living - family - gift

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Everyone of us is responsible for an average of 11.6 tons of greenhouse gases per year. You can effectively offset this footprint by supporting high-quality climate protection projects.

First choose your preferred climate protection project type and then the period for which you want to give away a climate neutral living gift to a befriended family. Then determine the number of children. Afterwards, please leave the name of the family or the family members. If the certificate should also be sent directly to the family receiving the gift, their email address should be entered (optional). Finally, you can leave a personal text here.

Climate protection project type:
Period for climate neutrality:
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After placing your order, you and, if you wish, the family receiving the gift, will receivea certificate in pdf-format by e-mail within one working day. This certificate confirms the climate neutral commitment and provides i.e. more information on the funded climate protection projects.

The invoice will be sent to you in a separate e-mail after receipt of payment and will only be sent to the email address that you provide during the payment process.

Climate action now - time is of essence!