Climate neutral living - family

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Everyone is responsible for an average of 11.6 tons of greenhouse gases per year. This corresponds to around 1 t of greenhouse gas per capita and month.

Here you can effectively offset this monthly ton of greenhouse gas emissions per capita for your whole family by supporting high-quality climate protection projects.

First choose your preferred climate protection project type and then the period for which your family should live climate neutrally. Then please choose the number of children. It is based on the assumption that every family consists of at least 2 adults.

Climate protection project type:
Period for your climate neutrality:
Number of children:

After your order, you will receive an e-mail from us within one working day with your family climate neutral certificate in pdf-format. This document confirms your family's climate neutral commitment. It also includes information on the climate protection projects you support and the greenhouse gases offset.

You will receive the invoice for your climate protection contribution in a separate email after receipt of your payment.

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