Climate neutral subscription - open term - individual

14 €
per month, price incl. VAT

Everyone of us is responsible for an average of 11.6 t of greenhouse gases per year. This corresponds to around 1 tonne of greenhouse gases per month.

With our climate neutral subscription, you can offset this tonne of greenhouse gases month after month with certified climate protection projects and get engaged with meaningful and effective climate action.

Choose your preferred project type.

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This is how your climate neutral subscription works

After placing your order, you will receive your climate protection certificate in pdf-format by e-mail within one working day. This certificate confirms your subscription and provides more information about the climate protection projects you are funding.

The payment method you have chosen will be charged every month automatically with your climate action contribution.

To cancel your subscription, please send us an email to in which you inform us of your termination. The subscription can be canceled at any time and without notice. Our monthly debits will end immediately.

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