At goclimateaction we support 9 carbon reduction projects in parts of the world that are already massively affected by climate change, but have so far contributed comparatively little to man-made climate change. For the sake of simplicity we have structured these 9 projects in the three categories "Forest", "Renewable" and"Social+". Into each category you will find 3 individual projects.


  • Forest protection in Brazil - Portel
  • Forest protection in Peru - Madre de Dios
  • Forest protection in Kenya - Kasigau Wildlife Corridor


  • Hydropower in the Congo - Virunga
  • Solar energy in South Africa - Bokpoort
  • Wind energy in Indonesia - Sidrap


  • Efficient cookstoves in Rwanda - Nyungwe
  • Family biogas plant in India - Bagepalli
  • Clean drinking water in Uganda - nationwide

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