At goclimateaction we base our emission calculations on the current state of scientific knowledge in accordance with the CO2-calculator of the Federal Environment Agency. However, we made a conscious decision to not make use of a digital flight emissions calculator. This for two reasons:

  1. Experience shows that entering all flight details for the CO2-offset is a major reason for many flight customers not to get engaged, as this is perceived as too time-consuming.

  2. Due to the high complexity of calculating flight emissions, we are of the opinion that the calculation results of a digital flight emissions calculator can only be seen as an approximation of the actual emission value. Accordingly, the calculation results of the available emissions calculators in the internet for the same flight route are partly very different. We think that not the thought of a seemingly precisely calculated CO2-quantity should be in the foreground of your CO2-compensation, but rather your fundamental commitment to climate action as such. For us, a transparent, flat-rate emission volume per flight distance category is a very credible and simple solution.

You can find out more about this here.