Transparency at goclimateaction

Transparency is the key to the credibility of CO2-compensation. Of course, we offer full transparency on all important issues relating to your climate neutrality:

  1. We advise you to avoid emissions in everyday life as a first step before you take the step of CO2-compensation. Offsetting your emissions is only the second best solution for climate action - avoiding and reducing greenhouse gases are indispensable and should always precede the offsetting. You will find out how to avoid and reduce emissions here.
  2. You get all information on the climate protection projects you support for your CO2-compensation. This includes i.a. information on the projects' quality standard, access to the detailed project description (Project Design Document) and the annual verification reports of the independent certifiers.
  3. To ensure that each emission reduction credit is only counted once, all emission reduction credits are stored in electronic format in publicly accessible project databases. Each climate project quality standard has its own database for this. goclimateaction maintains user accounts in the project databases of the Gold Standard Foundation and VERRA, in which the emission reduction credits required for your climate neutralization are closed. Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs) from climate protection projects that are certified according to the Clean Development Mechanism are verifiably retired by a TÜV-certified external partner. We confirm the retirements with the certificate in pdf-format, which we send to you by email.
  4. goclimateaction is a small organization with low transaction costs. This ensures that only a comparatively small part of your money has to be used for administration purposes. The prices for emission reduction certificates fluctuate greatly and are i.a. depending on the specific climate protection project, its quality standard and the time of purchase of the reduction credits. Basically, we orientate ourselves on the donation seal of the Foundation of the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) where the advertising and administrative costs per € spent should not be more than a third of the contribution made. Without advertising and administration, however, even a climate protection initiative like ours cannot exist in the long term.
  5. goclimateaction is part of planetgood GmbH. The GmbH is kept in accordance with the GmbH accounting obligations in Germany. In addition, there is continuous cooperation with our tax consultancy Bremer & Lambrecht from Kaiserslautern tof ensure that our bookkeeping is carried out properly and that customer orders can be assigned an associated retirement of emission reduction credits in the aforementioned climate project registries. We retire the emission reduction certificates of the climate protection projects you support once a quarter in a bundled retirement action in order to keep the transaction costs as low as possible for you and us, so that more money can flow into the actual climate action.