What types of carbon offset projects do exist?

Clean energy, purified drinking water, time and money to send the children to school, more food on the table and a safe job. And on top of that: climate action. These are just some of the positive effects of goclimateaction-funded climate action projects. Ultimately, all of our projects are about helping many people in this world to have a more dignified life. This is entirely in the spirit of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals from 2015.

But which climate protection project do I want to specifically support to offset my CO2-footprint? This question is one of the first on the way to your personal climate neutrality.

Our project types

There are numerous project types to offset your own Co2-footprint. The most common project types include:

  • Projects to reduce or sequester CO2, i.e. by the conservation or reforestation of forests.
  • Renewable energy projects: i.e. wind, hydro and solar energy installations.
  • Energy efficiency and small energy projects in households: these include family biogas plants or efficient family farms. These projects do not only contribute to climate protection. These often also result in high social benefits.

We offer carbon reduction projects from all three aforementioned project types under the designations "Forest", "Renewable" And"Social+" Behind each of these 3 project types are 3 concrete climate protection projects.

If you select the project type "Forest", the three projects we have included in this category will be funded. If you choose "Mix", then we divide your climate contribution into all 3 project categories. You will get an overview of the 9 climate protection projects we support here.