My personal greenhouse gas footprint - why we need to act now?

Every person living in Germany emits an average of 11.6 t of greenhouse gases (so-called CO2-equivalents) per year.

According to the Federal Environment Agency these emissions are made up of:

  • private electricity consumption and heating (21%)
  • individual mobility including air travel (19%)
  • nutrition (15%)
  • other consumption (39%)
  • public emissions (6%)

At 11.6 t, each German citizen is more than 2 times higher than the global average emissions of 4.9 t per capita.

Where should my greenhouse gas footprint be in 2050?

Since the Paris Climate Agreement from 2015, the goal for each and every one of us can be named very precisely. We have to cut from 11.6 t CO2-equivalents (as of today) to less than 1 t per person and year by 2050. A long way!

In order to achieve this goal, we must all contribute. In particular, of course, we need an effective political framework. But at the same time, we must lead the way today as responsible citizens.

It is often easier than you think to reduce your own greenhouse gas footprint. The Footprint Calculator of the Federal Environment Agency is a good instrument to keep track of your own CO2

After analyzing your own footprint and reducing it, the last step towards a climate neutral lifestyle is CO2-compensation.