What is climate change?

The topic of global climate change is very complex. Therefore, we do not claim at this point to give a comprehensive scientific explanation of man-made (= anthropogenic) climate change. In addition, there are already numerous reliable sources on this subject in book form or on the internet. At this point, therefore, references to selected scientifically sound sources for further reading on climate change should be given.

Unfortunately, it remains to be mentioned that although there is an overwhelming scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change, doubts about climate change are repeatedly spread in the public debate. Information is still being disseminated that is out of date, incomplete, out of context, or simply wrong. People who usually have their own pursuit of a political agenda with these absurdities should not be offered an arena at this point. We would like to refer to the website of the Federal Environment Agency for detailed information on popular climate-skeptical arguments.

Our information recommendations on the global climate crisis