Who is behind "climate neutral now"

Our attitude

"climate neutral now"stands for an attitude as to how we want to leave our footprint on this world. This must undoubtedly become smaller and more sustainable if we want to leave our children the world worth living in. However, we are running out of time for effective climate protection measures. We must act now to prevent the most serious consequences of global climate change!

climate neutral nowoffers you - in addition to many tips for climate protection in everyday life - the opportunity to create your ownCO2-Balancing the footprint and doing something very concrete for global climate protection. Also leadCO2- Compensation projects often lead to valuable social benefits for the respective local population. This is how usually a wide range of benefits from yourCO2-Calibration that goes beyond the pure idea of ​​climate protection. You can find more about thishere.

The initiators

Behind climate neutral nowThe initiators are two people who believe in climate protection - Lenn Kudrjawizki and Sascha Lafeld.

Lenn is an actor and musician and has been a tireless fighter for sustainability and climate protection for many years. Lenn came with his parents from Leningrad to East Berlin at the age of two months and studied violin in Dresden. Since then he has appeared as a musician in many concert halls around the world and with his company Legrain Productions he founded the first sustainable orchestra (Berlin Show Orchestra). Next to it is LennActive as an actor in many well-known Hollywood productions and German films as an actor and director, e.g. in The Popess, Jack Ryan, Tatort or in the Croatia crime thriller.

In his professional career, Sascha has dealt intensively with the topics of climate protection, CO2- Offsetting and climate neutrality dealt with. In 2003 he founded a company with which he spent many years helping numerous large and medium-sized companies worldwide on climate protection and CO2-Balancing advised. For many years it has had the quality standards for a transparent one CO2-Compensation and has built up a large network of climate protection project developers in many countries. Sascha is now teaching this expertise and the network of global climate protection projects climate neutral nowa.

our mission

climate neutral nowis deliberately a GmbH and we do not issue any donation receipts for yours CO2-Compensation off. Because as long as climate protection activities are understood as donations or "do-gooders", we will not achieve the scale of climate protection that is necessary to keep this planet livable. We need a balance between the environment, the social and economic.

climate neutral nowis aimed at all of us as private individuals. Without the climate protection commitment of each and every one of usthe mission "Fighting Climate Change" will fail. climate neutral nowshould be an effective tool to ensure that this mission can still succeed.