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The urgency of the global climate crisis can no longer be argued away. The scientific facts and the regional and global climate changes that are now evident to each of us are crystal clear. stands for an attitude as to how we want to leave our footprint on this world. This must undoubtedly become smaller and more sustainable if we want to leave the earth to our children as worth living in. However, we are running out of time for effective climate action measures. We must act now to prevent the most serious consequences of the global climate crisis!

The climate neutral operation of a website is a good and easy to implement option for every website operator to set an example against the climate crisis and for more sustainability. The greenhouse gas emissions associated with the page views of a website and the resulting electricity consumption are calculated and offset.

The CO2-offset for the operation of your website makes a lot of sense - especially against the background of the CO2-rich European electricity mix and the high energy consumption through internet use.

Coal in our electricity mix and what does it have to do with the internet?

Energy-related emissions account for around 85% of our greenhouse gas emissions. However, the growing share of renewable energies targeted with the energy transition did not in the past, as desired, result in less electricity being generated from coal.

Due to the higher prices for natural gas compared to coal and the low prices per tonne of carbon dioxide emitted in European emissions trading, there was no change, e.g. to lower-emission natural gas. In addition, more electricity was generated than consumed and more was exported than imported, which led to an increase in the specific carbon dioxide emission factor of the German electricity mix. For more information see directly at the Federal Environment Agency.

The Internet is growing extremely quickly - with it energy consumption and its emissions

The dynamically growing internet plays a major role in the issue of electricity consumption. Around the world, countless servers run 24 hours, 365 days a year for our search queries, our cloud management and our streaming in HD quality. Energy is consumed and heat is generated. Server rooms and data centers only run optimally if they are air-conditioned and kept at a constant and cool 22-24 degrees Celsius.

According to Greenpeace an amount of data is exchanged over the internet every two minutes that corresponds to all movies ever made. Managing this flood of data requires a tremendous amount of energy. If the internet was a country, it would have the sixth largest power consumption in the world, according to Greenpeace.

How does the climate neutral website work in detail? enables every website operator to monitor the CO2emissions on the basis of the indication of the annual page views and to make them climate neutral.

We assume an average of 10g per page view. The references here are the data from Google, which assumes 0.7g, and the Federal Environment Agency, which assumes 15g of emissions per page view. This means that we have 1 t of CO2 per 100,000 page views compensated by certified climate action projects.

From the moment the actual compensation of the electricity-related emissions of a company website is carried out, the label "climate neutral website" may be used. The label "climate-neutral website" is always marked with a date, as it is valid for one year and the CO2-compensation of the electricity consumption of the website operates on an annual basis.

Become active and make your website climate neutral.

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